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Descarte corretamente seu Lixo Eletrônico com a Eletro Recicle!

Nossos Benefícios:

  • Coleta Gratuita

  • Certificado de Descarte

  • Valorizamos seus Ativos de TI

  • Proteção de Dados

  • Atendimento Personalizado

O que coletamos?

Quais eletrônicos nós coletamos?

descarte de computador.png
descarte de videogame.png
descarte de notebook.png
descarte de geladeira.png
descarte de celular.png
descarte de equipamentos antigos.png
descarte de equipamento de som.png
descarte de placas eletrônicas.png
descarte de periféricos.png
descarte de impressora.png
descarte de fios de cobre.png
descarte de lava e seca.png
compramos radiadores.png
descarte de cabos.png
descarte de ar condicionado.png

Computador, Notebook, Celular, Placas, Lava e Seca, Geladeira, Periféricos e muito mais!

Para conhecer a lista completa, clique no botão abaixo

Qual o Ciclo da Logística Reversa?

Descarte de Eletrônicos - Logística Reversa


Electronic Circuit_edited.jpg
  • What do we collect?
    Computers (PCs) Notebooks Printers Scanners Sources Nobreaks Monitors Televisions Printed Circuit Boards (motherboard, ram, video card, etc) Processors Radiators for cars, trucks, refrigerators, etc.
  • Electronics Reverse Logistics
    ♻️ Reverse logistics is an instrument that directs packaging and post-consumer materials for recycling or energy generation. ​ 🌱 In this way, what would be discarded and would bring an extremely negative impact to the environment and society in general, will be able to bring a positive return to society and even to the company. ​ 🏭 These materials are destined for recycling cooperatives (here comes Eletro Recicle) and these carry out the sorting and define the final destination of the material. It can go for recycling or for energy generation, and can return to the productive cycle of the industry. ​ ✔️Summary: Reverse logistics is the recycling process for the reuse of raw material by industries to manufacture new products.< /p>
  • Do you buy electronics?
    Yes, we buy from companies that have a significant amount. We ask that you send photos of the equipment via whatsapp or email so that we can evaluate the purchase.
  • Do you collect in my region?
    We serve the capital of São Paulo and regions such as: Grande ABC, Guarulhos, Itaquaquecetuba, Atibaia, Mogi das Cruzes, Suzano, Arujá.
  • How much does the collection cost?
    Our logistics are completely free through collective collection routes for everyone who wants to dispose of their electronic equipment.



Praça Albino Francisco de Figueiredo, 19 - Vila Fernandes, São Paulo - SP, 03433-040

Horário de Atendimento

De Segunda à Sexta

das 8h às 17h

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